SWINEFEST 2024 May 29, 2024

  • After 3 years of NO SWINEFEST, we are ready to rock and roll again!

    So long COVID, please never show your face again. 


    We have started 2024 with new ambitions, new energy, and a new team to bring you the absolutely best and most creative version of BBQ in Vancouver! Let’s say Hog Shack is micro evolving its menu to give you even more options and new flavours to satisfy your palate! 

    Please, join us for an evening of tastebud busting southern cuisine. We’ve done a bit of traveling and John has come back with some new ideas, amazing creations and reiterating our passion to stay true to our scratch kitchen. Everything made in our kitchen from tastiest and freshest ingredients. 

    Enjoy a fully loaded and unlimited experience of our BBQ, Smoked Meats, Cured Meats, Plant based gastronomy, tasty new deserts and of course, delicious craft beer! We welcome Twin Sails Brewing from Port Moody to join us in our festivities!


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